The Return of Comfortable, Seasonal Conditions

Good morning to you, fellow reader! Welcome back to our page! Today will be the start of a seasonal trend consisting of fair skies, comfortable breezes, and cooler temperatures. What a way to end out the week!

You, waking up to this forecast…(Giphy)

Temperatures Peak Today

If you plan on being on the road in the early hours of this morning, be on the lookout for patchy fog. As always, this threat will be no more as the day progresses. Keep in mind that this will be more common as the season kicks off!

Today, our forecast will be dominated by the high pressure system that extends over much of the southern region of the country. By the afternoon, a warm front will be moving through our area, bringing about a brief boost in temperatures. Later on, a cold front will do the same, but have the opposite outcome.

Here’s a look at a surface map for 1pm today!
(Weather Prediction Center)

Because of the warm frontal passage, temperatures will be slightly higher today in comparison to the rest of the week. There’s a chance that the high for the day will reach, but not exceed, the mid-70’s. Whereas, the low for the day won’t vary far from that, dropping down to the upper 50’s.

Projected dew points for 12-5pm today, via HRRR model
(Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, there will be little to no clouds in the sky today, offering us lots of sunshine in comparison to what we’ve seen so far this week. There will not be much variation in dew point, as it’ll remain in the lower 50’s, so the air will be consistently comfortable. On top of that, we will have a gentle to moderate breeze throughout the day.

The Rest of the Work Week

This trend of fair, comfortable conditions will continue, making for a pleasant start to October. As shown below, drier air masses (shown in warmer colors) have taken over most of the country in the lower level of the atmosphere. This will continue to be this way for the following weekdays.

Look at how distinct that cold front is on the eastern coast!
(NOAA GOES Image Viewer)

That’s all for today, everyone! Get outdoors sometime this week! Follow us on our other social platforms (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) for more!

Weather 9/30/20

Rays of sunshine coincide with stout, southerly winds today, bringing a nice warm up. A reinforcing shot of cold air follows.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, September 30, 2020