Scattered Storms Possible This Afternoon

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to wxornotBG. We made it through the spotty showers of the holiday weekend, so there’s faith that we can do it again for the remaining weekdays! Pop-up showers and storms remain a trend for today and the days to come.

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Storm Chances Today

Be on the lookout for pop-up storms around noon that’ll be possible until the evening. There is no threat in the severity of these storms. Today’s main concern is with areas that are prone to flooding, as these storms have the potential to produce the right amount of rain to make activities, especially driving, hazardous.

Afternoon storms as shown in the HRRR model (Pivotal Weather)

Throughout the day, dew points stay well above the benchmark of comfortable, contributing to the muggy trend that will continue to torture us. On top of that, a predominantly overcast sky will be paired with temperatures that reach up to the mid-70’s. If you plan to spend any time outside, make sure you stay hydrated. Don’t let the lack of sunlight distract you from the risk of dehydration.

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Showers Continue Into the Weekend

As we head into the following weekdays, conditions similar to today are to be expected. On Thursday, cloudy skies will take on the early and late hours of the day. Within that brief period of partial sunlight in between, temperatures will exceed those of today, reaching as high as 81 degrees in the afternoon.

Around 1PM, the NAM model predicts that there will be a high of 81 degrees for the day
(Pivotal Weather)

Similarly, Friday will have temperatures that come close to Thursday’s highs. This will be the day that poses to have the highest precipitation amounts, as scattered showers will have the ability to produce up to 1 inch of rainfall. However, the risk is low for these storms to become severe. That once again means that flash flooding is something to be mindful of.

Less Miserable Weather Ahead

Don’t worry, the wet, muggy weather will not be around for long! Over the weekend, a high pressure system will make its way into the Midwest, causing for the storms to subside. Expect comfortable, sunny conditions up until the middle of next week as a result of this.

Fair weather to come (Weather Prediction Center)

That’ll do it for today! Thank you for reading! For more information, follow us at @wxornotBG on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Make it a great one!

wx 5/27/20

Thickening cloud cover, cooler temps join scattered showers & storms today; strong storms possible Thursday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, May 27, 2020