Finally, Some Sunshine!

It has been a rather bleak week around these parts. Rainfall graced us on Monday and Wednesday, lingering into Thursday. But the good news is that we’ll be able to relax and enjoy some nice weather because the main feature of this weekend’s forecast is “finally, some sunshine!”

Not Lovin’ the Cold

After a cloudy and cool Thursday, high pressure takes control to close out the work week. And one thing you will love on this Valentine’s Day.

Cold, Canadian high pressure, eh? (WPC)
Cold, Canadian high pressure, eh? (WPC)

This high pressure is coming at us from the north and west…and what’s off to our north and west?

Close enough. (Giphy)
Close enough. (Giphy)

But this means winds will stay with us out of the north, the general direction of all the cold air and that will keep us on the gelid side during the day.

Happy Valentine's Day! (or, the cold air when you step outside today). (Giphy)
Happy Valentine’s Day! (or, the cold air when you step outside today). (Giphy)

High temperatures won’t make it much past 32º this afternoon as the cold air mass hangs around.

“What do you mean this is ‘supposed to happen’ this time of year? (Pivotal Weather)

The only thing that will make this cold air easier to handle is the presence of bright sunshine overhead. That’s bound to make you smile…what won’t is another cold night. Clear skies mean we’ll be back to 20º overnight. Keep those Valentine’s dates inside!

Improving for Saturday

More sunshine comes our way for the day on Saturday as do some warmer temperatures.

When temperatures are back solidly above freezing. (Giphy)
When temperatures are back solidly above freezing. (Giphy)

High pressure will shift on off to the east and introduce some slightly warmer conditions to go along with the sunshine.

Don't go... (WPC)
Don’t go… (WPC)

The high moving on off to the east will allow our winds to shift from a cool northwesterly direction to a more southerly/southeasterly direction. (and they also could be gusty at times, up to about 20 MPH). Warmer air down there will make it’s way to us and give us afternoon highs closer to where we should be: right around 50º.

I'll applaud for that. (MLB/Giphy)
I’ll applaud for that. (MLB/Giphy)

Clouds will head our way overnight…but Saturday night’s lows will still end up better than today’s afternoon highs, as we settle down near 35º.

Even Warmer with Partial Sunday Sunshine

Say that three times fast. Anyway, our next storm system will slowly be gathering steam out to the west of us, and while at this point it will still be 36-48 hours away, it will start throwing clouds our way.

The textbook image for "a mix of clouds and sun." (Pivotal Weather)
The textbook image for “a mix of clouds and sun.” (Pivotal Weather)

Winds will remain out of the south, bringing in that warmer air. Combine that with the periods of sunshine that we’ll see and we’ll have a much more comfortable afternoon high not far from 55º. Scattered clouds stay around overnight as we fall back to 35º.

Rain’s Back, Back Again For the New Week

Well, all good things must come to an end and that means more wet weather in our future to start the week.

Yep. Again. (Giphy)
Yep. Again. (Giphy)

Our next weathermaker will head our way during the day on Monday, throwing more clouds and possibly showers our way by the late afternoon. The only good thing is highs end up near 60º or so.

This will be a theme in the new week, too, heavy rain potential continues through Tuesday night, but the warm weather will soon be replaced by cooler weather as we dry out late week.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on your nice weather weekend. Have a terrific Friday!