Rain Returns to the Forecast to Start the Weekend

An absolutely beautiful week comes to a rather soggy conclusion as a storm system is poised to bring us a chance of rain starting this afternoon and lasting through Saturday. Yep, unfortunately, rain returns to the forecast to start the weekend.

Showers Start Friday

The sunny party came to an end last night with clouds overtaking the region, well, showers are going to fall from them before too long.

Dog climbing the cloud, optional. (Stefanle Shank/Giphy)
Dog climbing the cloud, optional. (Stefanle Shank/Giphy)

High pressure will shove on off to the east, and that means we will be firmly in the warmer sector of this system, thanks to strong southwesterly winds.

This morning's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

Winds gusting upwards of 25 MPH will pump in warmer air and more moisture enabling showers to develop, especially this morning.

You're welcome? (Pivotal Weather)
You’re welcome? (Pivotal Weather)

Otherwise, expect skies to remain cloudy throughout the day. Even so, temperatures are going to top out on the kind side of 70° this afternoon. Showers will begin to ramp up once again during the overnight hours, keeping lows from falling much below 55°.

Soggy Day on Saturday

The showers will continue Saturday as a cold front begins work towards the region. Breezy showers will continue in waves throughout the day.

Crashing ashore. Or softly moving through. I can't quite tell which. (Pivotal Weather)
Crashing ashore. Or softly moving through. I can’t quite tell which. (Pivotal Weather)

We’re not expecting any type of severe weather tomorrow afternoon but winds will still be gusty, in the 25-30 MPH range, and we can’t rule out a rumble of thunder either. Highs stay warm but not quite as warm, with temperatures topping out near a breezy 65°. Then…things get chilly.

Say...what? (MLB Advanced Media)
Say…what? (MLB Advanced Media)

The cold front will blast through the area during the evening, leaving us with temperatures falling back into the mid-30s. Spring is the season in between and it shows with a low near 35º.

Tranquility Returns

Calm conditions and sunny skies return on Sunday…though it will be a bit chillier.

Yeah, essentially. (Late Night with Seth Meyers/Giphy)
Yeah, essentially. (Late Night with Seth Meyers/Giphy)

The cold front will leave us with highs around 10º below average as we top out not too far from 50º for Sunday afternoon. You know, [checks calendar], the last day of March. It’ll be a breezy one too.

I love this gif. (Giphy)
I love this gif. (Giphy)

A low near 30º on Sunday night (yes, I know, below freezing!) will give way to steady improvement for Monday. Sunny skies continue, with a high near 55º. A quick hitting system brings showers on Tuesday before we dry out again and head back into the 60s.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest on your weekend forecast. Have a terrific Friday!