Dry and Cold Friday Before Wet Weekend

Snow is outta here, but it's staying COLD.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, February 2, 2018

Frigid Friday On The Way

By the end of the day yesterday, conditions were not pleasant. Snow was falling, as were the temperatures and we’ll see frigid temperatures again today, though luckily under sunny skies thanks to high pressure.

Gotta love the big blue H. (WPC)

Northwesterly winds will continue during the day, however, and that will keep us chilly. Highs only expected to reach into the upper-20s to near 30º with a breeze that will make it feel like it’s between 20-25º.

When you walk outside and it’s still cold. (Giphy)

The chill sticks with us through the night as well. Even under increasing clouds, we’ll still make it down to a chilly 20º for a low.

Gloomy Saturday

Our next weathermaker will be on the horizon as we head into the weekend proper. Skies will be overcast by the morning hours as southerly winds begin to kick up. Won’t be all bad, though, as temperatures rise to well above freezing.

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

Highs on Saturday afternoon look to reach into the mid-to-upper 40s even under cloudy skies. This sets the stage for a bit of a complicated setup as we head through Saturday night into Sunday.


For a few days, models have been hinting at a shot for some wintry weather for this time frame but in recent days they’ve back off of this idea. They’ve been keeping us warm enough that anything that falls will be all rain.

The NAM suggests anything that falls here early Sunday morning will be rain. We’ll be watching. (Pivotal Weather)

It’s not inconceivable that some frozen precipitation may mix in but it doesn’t look to be a widespread snow or ice event at this time. Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on it through the weekend.

h/t giphy.com
Basically. (Giphy)

As for the rest of Sunday, any precipitation looks to end early in the day, with highs camping out in the mid-50s under the remaining mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures fall back into the 20s for lows as skies begin to clear.

What’s Ahead

Winter’s not done yet. While Monday looks chilly but dry, we’ll have plenty of chances for wintry weather as next week rolls along. Stay tuned…

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