Weekend Looks Chilly and Possibly Wintry

COLD is here to stay; snowflakes possible Saturday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, December 8, 2017

Chilly to Close the Week

Yesterday brought quite the chill to the region and Mother Nature, not thinking that was enough, decided to add some wintry weather into the mix as well as we head toward the weekend. Today starts and ends quite chilly.

When you wake up and it’s 20º outside. (Giphy)

It won’t be unlike yesterday when highs just barely cracked the 40º mark, except it won’t be quite as windy as the cold front that reinforced the frigid conditions is no longer with us.

Forecast surface map for noon today. (Weather Prediction Center)

We’ll spend the day under weak high pressure that will keep us mostly sunny and chilly with a high only around 40º. Our next system begins to move in overnight and with that the winds will increase a touch, mixing the air a bit and not letting it get as cold as last night did. Though, “not as cold as last night” is relative since mostly clear skies still ensure we’ll bottom out around 25º tonight.

Wintry Start to the Weekend

Ah yes. Have to be careful here. A large dip in the jet stream will be moving through the area during the early part of tomorrow and with chilly temperatures…there’s a chance we could see a snowflake or two early in the day through midday.

The high-res NAM doesn’t seem to excited about snow around here. (Pivotal Weather)

The weather models we look at have been hinting at a little bit of precipitation for tomorrow morning for awhile and in the last couple of days, they’ve been backing off of this idea. The main takeaway is that we might see a couple of flakes and maybe a flurry. The main action will be off to the north and mostly well to the north. It shouldn’t negatively impact any of your weekend plans, including WKU graduation, this weekend. Otherwise, we’ll top out around 40º once again under mostly cloudy becoming partly cloudy later in the day. Another cold night under clear skies will drop us back to around 20º.

More of the Same for Sunday

When it’s frigid in the morning but you’ve still gotta walk the snail. (Giphy)

Sunday will be a day very similar to today. We’ll get that small snow chance out of here and be greeted by mostly sunny skies and a high near 40º. Fortunately a warm up looks to be on the way, with lows only falling to near 30º for Sunday night under mostly clear skies, leading into a warmer Monday before yet another upper-level system moves in for mid-next week.

That just about does it for me! Thanks for checking into wxornotBG this morning, and be sure to follow @wxornotBG Twitter for real-time weather updates. Have a terrific Friday!