New Winter Forecasts Issued

NOAA and AccuWeather have issued their winter weather forecasts. It is always interesting to see what the big weather names are thinking winter will bring this far out. Here is what they had to say:

NOAA’s Winter Forecast:

NOAA is showing equal chances of above or below precipitation and temperatures across south central Kentucky. However, they do believe the southeast has a shot of being cooler than normal, with Kentucky right on the edge of the southeast zone. NOAA also believes the southeast may be wetter than normal but the Great Lakes Region may end up being drier than normal.

NOAA Winter Forecast РTemperature 
NOAA Winter Forecast – Precipitation

AccuWeather’s Winter Forecast:¬†

Accuweather also believes the southeast will be wetter than normal. However, they place the interesting winter weather axis from Kentucky through the Northeast. They believe the coldest air will stretch from the Great Lakes Region south into the Ohio Valley, creating a battle zone for ice and snow across our area.

AccuWeather Winter Forecast
We shall see which one of these forecasts prove to be most accurate in about 5 months.