Cloud’s Weather News of the Day

Did you all notice what was outside? Did you see them? They were towers of condensation, and some becoming thunderstorms, and dropping rain. That is right. They were clouds. I know, those are odd, odd things considering we saw maybe three of them in total last week. Today, they rose up with weak or strong updrafts […]

Tropical Storm Colin Forms Over The Weekend

Over the weekend, Tropical Storm Colin formed in the southern Gulf of Mexico. He was named yesterday afternoon, and became the earliest “C” named storm on record in the Atlantic. Much of the model guidance had been showing a system forming in the southern Gulf, and heading for the coast of Florida as we headed […]

Very Bland Weather Upcoming

Real time BG Radar: Today: Partly to mostly cloudy, with an isolated shower possible early. High of 46ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 26ºF. Well, after a week of absolutely crazy weather, this week is looking really, really boring. I’m not complaining! A shortwave trough will move through the region overnight, swinging a […]

Cold Is On The Way

Real-time BG Radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with morning snow showers possible. Highs around 34ºF. Tonight: Clear and coooooold. Lows around 15ºF. The weather the past few days has just been downright cold. All this chattering of teeth and coat wearing makes me wish that snow was actually falling from the sky. For some, today looks […]

Warm, With A Chance Of Severe Storms?

Real-time Radar: Today: Partly to mostly cloudy, with warm temps. Highs around 64ºF. Tonight: Clouds increasing, with a low of 60ºF. Well, today actually looks to be the nicest day of my forecast period. Partly to mostly cloudy skies and mid 60s; in December? I will take that in a heartbeat! Of course I am at the […]

Crazy Weather To Impact Our Region

Real-time BG Radar: Today: Showers early, with mostly cloudy skies remaining. Highs rising to around 70ºF. Tonight: Cloudy and breezy, with rain chances increasing. Lows around 61ºF. Well, yesterday was a real bummer. The weather was essentially the Monday of weather…on a Monday. That’s double the Monday. Today, well, will be different. We are already […]

Spring Has Sprung Across Bowling Green

Today: Morning fog, becoming mostly sunny. High of  74ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear, with some patchy fog overnight. Lows around 59ºF.  Ahhh, spring is in the air….in November? This is odd. Oh well. But seriously, it really does feel like spring. Its gonna be awesome outside the next few days. Just straight up awesome. This is in […]

Rainy Week Continues

Real-time radar: Today: Cloudy, with rain showers most of the day. Highs will be around 62ºF. Tonight: Rain. Lows around 59ºF. Hey, Patricia! Nice to see you. You were once a hurricane? Oh, well, you’re now a pretty solid extratropical cyclone! Give yourself a pat on the back. In all reality, though, we are gonna […]

Niiiiiiiiiiice Weather Up And Coming

Today: Mostly sunny, with a high around 69ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 45ºF. The past few days have been awfully Autumn-like! How nice has that been? It has been sunny, and cool, but not too cool. Its been exactly what fall should be, and that won’t change for a couple days. We […]