Southern Michigan 193 Vehicle Pileup

Here is a video that shows the chaotic scenes that unfolding during a 193-vehicle pileup on Interstate 94 near Kalamazoo, Michigan this past Friday. A round of blinding snow was blamed for the awful crash.  Often times we hear of slick roads, and rightfully so, however, very heavy wintry precipitation can lead to very poor […]

Heavy Snow Leads To I-93 Pileup In New Hampshire

During the mid morning hours of Friday, Interstate 93 in New Hampshire experienced a burst of heavy snow.  This snow quickly slicked up the roadways, along with reducing the visibility of traveling motorists.  A large I-93 pileup occurred as a result. pileup on 93 in new hampshire. we are fine. #snow #traffic #newhampshire A photo […]

Fordson Snow Machine

Check out this video I came across a few day ago.  It’s footage of a 1929 Fordson Snow Machine.  This is a type of screw-propelled vehicle, which is adaptable to both icy and swampy environments. This concept was invented by Henry Ford nearly 20 years before the first snowmobile was introduced on the market.  Now […]

Downburst Hits Louisville

Last night, while we were dealing with our own round of severe weather, a very potent storm slammed the city of Louisville, producing a downburst that caused quite a bit of damage.  Numerous photos surfaced showcasing the aftermath of this event.  A number of power outages took place, along with numerous trees reported down…a few […]

Deep South Takes Another Hit

Much like we saw in Atlanta recently, large metropolitan areas in North Carolina are currently being ravaged by a significant winter storm.  Not only that, but many other locations in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina are also being impacted.  Many folks are stranded, leaving their vehicles in search of shelter. Many have also been involved […]