Are We Getting Ice and Snow?

For the second time this week, we’re under the threat of impactful winter weather. A complex system will make for a difficult forecast over the next 24-48 hours, without question. Let’s get right to it. Are we getting ice and snow? To begin, cloudy skies will hang around tonight, and well into Saturday. By sunrise […]

Winter Cold Snap Arrives; Snow Chances Await

It’s been an interesting day throughout south central Kentucky. Temperature readings in the low 60s during the predawn hours took a hard tumble thanks to a passing cold front, putting temps in the mid to upper 30s as of 5:30pm. Cold Is Here To Stay The passing of this morning’s cold front is the initial […]

Temperature Gradients = Wind

I made a rather neat, yet meteorologically obvious, observation today. You may know that tighter pressure gradients produce stronger winds. But, tight temperature gradients can also create some strong winds. This is most notably observed at the surface with heat bursts. I was looking at 500mb temperatures, and noticed that when isotherms, or lines of […]

Great Read on Climate Change from Wall Street Journal

A great article was published about climate change in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Steven Koonin, a computational physicist with 40 years of scientific research under his belt, broke down climate change in an excellent fashion. Koonin addresses what we know about climate change now, and what are some of the unanswered questions moving forward. […]

The “Boiling Water Experience” Backfires

With a frigid cold airmass in place across much of the Continental US, many people have made up creative ways to play with science and mother nature.  If you’re not aware, a “boiling water becomes water vapor” experiment took mad across the country.  I even performed it myself.  Take a look at the previous post […]