Calm Weather for Labor Day Weekend

Happy Friday, WABBLES! We have made it to the end of the week which means it’s almost the weekend. After a wet week across the area, we are about to get a much-needed break with calm weather for Labor Day weekend. 2020 so far… Anytime there is a mention of 2020 something good doesn’t follow. […]

Weather Highlights of August/Summer

The NCDC has released an interesting map illustrating some of the major weather stories that have taken place during this past August and summer. No significant weather events occurred in Kentucky, but some of the top weather stories of the summer include the record drought in California and a wet summer across the northern Plains. […]

Downburst Hits Louisville

Last night, while we were dealing with our own round of severe weather, a very potent storm slammed the city of Louisville, producing a downburst that caused quite a bit of damage.  Numerous photos surfaced showcasing the aftermath of this event.  A number of power outages took place, along with numerous trees reported down…a few […]

Where’s The Heat??

We’ve made it to June 13th (today) without reaching the 90˚ threshold.  However, that all may change next week.  According to the National Weather Service, Bowling Green’s average first day to crack the 90˚ mark is May 20th.  We’re currently beating that stretch by 24 days.  I don’t know about you, but I hope that […]

Flood Safety Awareness Week

The National Weather Service is launching Flood Safety Awareness Week this week. So, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some flood safety tips for this post! First, you should know what the difference is in all the flood watches and warnings that get issued across the region. Flash Flood Warning: […]

An Explanation of Wind Chill

We’ve all been hearing the term “wind chill” lately, but what does that really mean? Our bodies naturally produce heat. However, when the conditions turn cold, our body’s heat escapes us and is absorbed by the surrounding air. The surrounding air will create a nice, thin layer of warmth on the surface of our skin. […]

What’s An Alberta Clipper?

Alberta Clipper weather events are defined by the National Weather Service as follows: A storm system during the winter months that originates from the Canadian Province of Alberta (or close by–sometimes the system can originate from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or even Montana).  The term “clipper” originates from the clipper sailing ships because of their quick speeds.  Thus, […]