A Wet and Stormy Week Ahead

Welcome to WxornotBG, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Over the past 48 hours, the WABBLES area has seen more than 2″ of rain, with some places seeing more than 4″! A Flash Flood Watch is still in effect until this evening, but we can expect a wet and stormy week ahead. Spotty Heavy […]

Winter Cold Snap Arrives; Snow Chances Await

It’s been an interesting day throughout south central Kentucky. Temperature readings in the low 60s during the predawn hours took a hard tumble thanks to a passing cold front, putting temps in the mid to upper 30s as of 5:30pm. Cold Is Here To Stay The passing of this morning’s cold front is the initial […]

Dry, Cold Thanksgiving Week

We escaped yesterday’s severe weather with a few scrapes, but luckily, at this point in time, no significant damage has been reported in our immediate area. The NWS Louisville office will be conducting three storm surveys today, in Ohio, Meade and Bullitt County. Peak wind gusts around our vicinity topped out between the mid 40s […]

Weather Whirlwind In Store

It’s a warm start in the 60s for south central Kentucky this morning, thanks to strong winds pouring in out of the south. We’re already experiencing gusts exceeding 25 mph. This will take temps to the mid/upper 60s by early afternoon. Roller Coaster Ride Initiated Southerly winds will continue to increase through morning, with gusts […]

Rainy, Gloomy Weather in Bowling Green

As we head into the next few days, the cloudy skies and chance for showers look like they’ll stick around longer than we previously thought! While we were all sleeping, several inches of rain fell in Bowling Green; these precipitation readings varied across the county. Heavy rain falling in the Bowling Green area this morning. May […]

Record Warmth Possible Monday

In the latest three day forecast for Bowling Green, warmer temperatures are expected to stick around through early Tuesday.  Our high temperature at the Bowling Green Airport reached 79° today, which is six degrees short of the daily record (85°).  Check out some of the other high temperatures across the state today: High temperatures are forecast […]

Cold Temperatures This Morning

The first true cold air mass of the fall season has settled over a large portion of the United States and we saw some impressive low temperatures for early October overnight. Check out the low temperatures across the state this morning from the Kentucky mesonet: Temperatures dropped to 41º at both mesonet sites in Warren county […]

Today’s Low Temperatures

If you were up early this morning you know it was pretty chilly as low temperatures across southern Kentucky were in the upper 40s. Temperatures were running around 10 degrees below normal; the average low temperature for this date in Bowling Green is 59°. Our official low temperature at the Bowling Green Airport was 49°. Temperatures […]

Bowling Green Flash Flooding

The latest round of thunderstorms to move through Warren County brought torrential rainfall which caused some flash flooding in parts of Bowling Green. https://twitter.com/jessica_pharis/status/498208649064771585 NWSLouisville RT @thomloving81: 31w btw Lehman and fairview closed due to high water @joeimel @WxOrNotBG pic.twitter.com/oTpwP38ELD — wxornotBG (@wxornotBG) August 9, 2014 Car stuck in water on Campbell Lane near Staybridge. […]

Kentucky Drought Monitor

If you’re one of those people saying, “We could really use the rain” then you are correct. As of right now, Warren County is abnormally dry according to the United States Drought Monitor. In fact, 47.92% of the state is categorized under abnormally dry. A few counties in eastern Kentucky are categorized in moderate drought. […]