Dry Weather Continues As We Approach Fall

Good Monday morning, everyone! Welcome back to the page. I hope you enjoyed that beautiful weekend! If you did, you’re in luck because cool and dry weather continues as we approach fall. Another Picturesque Day Today Temperatures dropped to a chilly 51° overnight, but will rebound today back into the mid 70’s. Both of these […]

Toasty Temperatures Grip WABBLES

Hey there, everyone! Good Tuesday to you. Yesterday we welcomed June, the “official start to hurricane season” ,with pleasant conditions and comfy temperatures. Starting today, toasty temperatures grip WABBLES. Hurricane Season is Upon Us June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season and things are already beginning to fire up. While hurricanes typically do not […]

Quiet Thursday, Beautiful Friday, Rainy Weekend

Quiet Thursday Good chilly morning, south-central Kentucky!  This morning is featuring temperatures in the low 20’s throughout the region and perhaps some very isolated patches of freezing fog in Logan and Butler counties where the clouds cleared out quickly last night, but it should be nothing to worry about as long as you head out […]

Autumn-Like Bowling Green Weather On The Way

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was fairly warm and non-eventful; this was much like many other days recently, actually. Skies started off mostly cloudy in the morning, as a weak shortwave moved through and only forced cloudy skies. Once we hit the afternoon, though, temps jumped into the lower 80s. Forecast Summary […]

Monday Morning Bowling Green Weather Update

Real Time Bowling Green Weather: Today 3/30 – Mostly Sunny – High 62˚ / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 39˚ 6am 44˚ – 9am 53˚ – 12pm 59˚ – 3pm 61˚ – 6pm 55˚ Overnight rain showers have moved southeast of the state this morning and skies are once again becoming mostly clear. A strengthening upper-level ridge will start […]

Monday Morning Bowling Green Weather Update

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar: Today 3/23 – Partly Cloudy; Pleasant – High 66˚ / Tonight – Mostly Cloudy – Low 45˚ 6am 47˚ – 9am 53˚ – 12pm 60˚ – 3pm 65˚ – 6pm 63˚ Good morning, if you enjoyed this weekend’s weather, you are in for a treat today as another beautiful day is expected across […]

Japan Volcano Ash Cloud Overtakes Hikers

Many of you have heard about the unexpected volcano eruption that occurred in Japan over the weekend.  According to multiple reports, this tragedy claimed the lives of 31 people.  The video below was taken by a hiker on Mount Ontake in central Japan as the surprising eruption occurred.  An enormous ash cloud ensues, and eventually overtakes […]

Severe Thunderstorm Impacts Southern Kentucky

Strong storms entered the region from the north. The storms that impacted Bowling Green originated in the St. Louis, MO area. Landon and I were able to get some pretty good pictures of the storms. Be sure to check them out. Severe weather also appears possible on Tuesday. The latest update from the Storm Prediction […]

Debunking The Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

I ran across a fantastic article on Gawker, written by Dennis Mersereau, that breaks down and debunks the major factors conspiracy theorists attempt to use when justifying their beliefs regarding “Government modified weather” including chemtrails, cloud seeding, etc.   The article takes a different approach than what most meteorologists/sane weather enthusiast (including me) take when it […]