First Weekend of Autumn Weather Pattern

Hooray, it’s the weekend! Welcome back to our page. Don’t be fooled, the season hasn’t officially changed yet. But, this weekend’s forecast will make you think otherwise. What To Expect This weekend, there will be a pair of sister high pressure systems working together to circulate cooler temperatures out of the north and into our […]

Summer-Like Pattern Sets up Later this Week

Good morning and happy Monday folks, it’s crazy how fast this past weekend flew by with the start of the work week already upon us! The beginning of the work week looks fantastic, but a summer-like pattern sets up later this week. I know it’s Monday, but you can make it through another week!  (Tenor […]

Rain Returns to Bowling Green

Real-time BG Radar: Thursday, May 19 – Sunny & Pleasant – High 74˚ / Thursday Night – Slight Chance of Showers Late- Low 57˚ This morning is starting off a bit chilly, as temperatures are currently in the mid and upper 40s across the region. While this is the case, temperatures will rebound very nicely as […]

Nicer Bowling Green Weather On The Way

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today: Partly sunny, with isolated showers early. Highs around 68°F. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with lows falling to around 49°F. Well, yesterday ended up seeing temps reach 64°F, with isolated showers across the region. A verified forecast has me like: Today, the weaker front that was set up to our south […]

Thunderstorms Are Likely for Bowling Green Weather

Real time Bowling Green Weather Radar Today: Mostly cloudy, with severe thunderstorms possible in the evening hours. Highs around 79°F. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with thunderstorms exiting. Lows around 66°F. Ahh, the complicated forecast. There is nothing more fun that forecasting a difficult event. You can imagine that I am up for the challenge. So, today […]

This Weather Has Been Incredible

Today: Partly cloudy, with an isolated shower possible. Highs around 79ºF. Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with showers possible. Lows falling to around 52ºF. Today looks to continue in this incredible stretch of days that we have had, stretching back into last week. Given that last week was Spring Break for WKU students, having that amount of incredible weather […]

Wild Weather Is On The Way

Real-Time BG Radar: Today: Mostly cloudy early, with clearing skies. Highs around 58ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear, with lows falling to around 44ºF.  Boy, did yesterday’s weather suck. Yesterday’s weather was so bad. Walking to class was miserable, sitting in class worse. Cloudy skies make it ridiculously hard to focus as I just want to take a […]

Spring Has Sprung Across Bowling Green

Today: Morning fog, becoming mostly sunny. High of  74ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear, with some patchy fog overnight. Lows around 59ºF.  Ahhh, spring is in the air….in November? This is odd. Oh well. But seriously, it really does feel like spring. Its gonna be awesome outside the next few days. Just straight up awesome. This is in […]

Ways To Beat The Heat In BG

As we all have seen recently, it has been incredibly hot outside. Temperatures have been soaring into the mid 90s across the region; and this, combined with dewpoints approaching the upper 70s, has made conditions just unbearable. Some of you would prefer to just stay inside on days like this and drink a nice glass […]