Classic Late Spring Pattern Takes Over

Good morning, WABBLES! It is going to be another great start to the day with beautiful conditions across the area. The weather is about to get active across the region as a classic late spring pattern takes over. How does WABBLES fit in all of this? That is what we are going to find out. […]

Active Pattern is on the Horizion

Summer seems to always make a comeback around here with highs again in the 80s the last two days. We can never say never around as the weather always has a tough time making up its mind. Do not get used to summer temperatures because an active pattern is on the horizon. Fall Foliage Update! […]

Boring Bowling Green Weather

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar:   Today 9/23 – Mostly Sunny – High 75° / Tonight – Partly Cloudy – Low 48° The weather will remain quiet across the Bowling Green area for the next several days. The jet stream will be located well to the north of the region. This means we’ll have […]