From Snow to Rain and Sleds to Boats

Happy Friday people of WABBLES! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable day with the snowfall yesterday. We have another weather event on the horizon, but for now, we have perfect weather to enjoy the snow.

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The biggest headline for today will be the brutal cold, especially in the morning.

Temps will rise to the mid-teens in the afternoon with windchill knocking those numbers down just a few degrees. Either way, if you are out playing in the snow, make sure you are bundled up and safe!

Model Temps at Noon Today (

Looking at the weather picture overall, high pressure becomes dominant over the entire region, keeping us quiet for the day. Mother Nature is practically asking everyone to play in the snow at this point.

WPC Frontal Chart for Today


Saturday looks to start off very similarly to today, just a bit warmer thankfully. The models want to have temps in the morning around 20 and then warm up to the lower 40s in the afternoon. However, with a large amount of snow on the ground, it will likely be difficult to reach that projected high. Unfortunately, temps should still rise to above freezing (likely mid-upper 30s) to begin melting the snow.

Model Projected Highs on Saturday (

If the warmer temps don’t begin to melt the snow, the expected rain certainly will. Starting Saturday evening we will see multiple rounds of rain lasting into Sunday.

Model Future Radar Saturday into Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

After this is said and done on Sunday, we will likely have seen about 1″ to 1.5″ of rainfall across the area, so be on the lookout for flooded roadways throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Model Total Rainfall (Pivotal Weather)

Highs on Sunday will likely reach the upper 40s and possibly reach 50 in isolated areas with the rainfall also ending sometime Sunday afternoon.

Model Highs on Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

That will conclude today’s blog post folks! I hope everyone has a chance to go out and enjoy the snow, go sledding, or anything fun in the snow. I will have our social media accounts linked below and I encourage you to come and visit us.

Have a blessed day!