A Chilly Weekend Ahead

Good Friday Morning my friends! I hope this work week has been well to all of you and everyone has been enjoying the warmer weather. Unfortunately, the warmth is coming to an end resulting in a chilly weekend ahead.

Sweater Weather Polar Vortex GIF by MOODMAN
It is beginning to be that time (Giphy)


Not too much to talk about today, other than the fact that there will be another cold front moving through this evening.

WPC Frontal Chart This Evening

As this cold front passes, more rain should be expected. This won’t be anything big, just slightly smaller than what we experienced today.

Model Future Radar Today (Weathermodels.com)

Highs today, actually wont be too bad with them being in the low to mid 50s, however, come late afternoon and early evening those temps will start to drop rather quickly. You can very clearly see that cold front advancing through the area below and low temps reaching the lower 30s.

Model Temps Throughout Today (Weathermodels.com)


Saturday will be free from rain chances, but not free of clouds unfortunately. Pesky, low level clouds will be present throughout most, if not the whole day.

Model Cloud Cover Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Highs on Saturday don’t look too pleasant either with everything remaining in the low to mid 40s. I would definitely break out those sweaters and coats.


Sunday will feature a clipper system off to our north which will bring some small rain chances in the afternoon and into the evening. This likely won’t amount too much but some scattered pesky showers. .

Model Future Radar Sunday (Weathermodels.com)

Highs on Sunday will feature a little bit better temps, some areas will likely hit 50, which overall isn’t too bad. Those sweaters may need to stick around but the coats can probably be put away for the day.

Model Future Temps (Pivotal Weather)

That will be all for this blog post folks, I hope everyone out there can enjoy the weekend, remember to stay dry and warm out there! I encourage y’all to come visit us on our social media sites linked below.

Have a blessed day!