What to Expect the Next Three Days

Good morning, WABBLES! The community has a busy weekend ahead whether that be with SKY Soccer’s annual Kick or Treat Tournament, WKU’s Homecoming parade and football game, or, did I mention Halloween? Because of all this, many are wondering what to expect the next three days as the forecast is a little dicy for outdoor events. We have all the details below.

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What a fun weekend ahead! (giphy.com)


As you have probably been able to tell, it’s already started raining out there this morning. Expect the bulk of the rain to fall before lunchtime with pesky scattered showers during the afternoon and evening. Total rainfall will be around 0.5 inches. It will be quite windy with gusts near 30mph. The high will be around 65, and enjoy it because that is the warmest we will be for the next few days! All in all, make sure you head out the door with a rain jacket and umbrella this morning.

Expected wind gusts over the next 24 hours in Warren County is close to 30mph. (Pivotal Weather)


One of the most complicated components of this forecast is that we are caught on the backside of a rotating system. When this happens, rain showers are known to just keep rotating through. We know that most of these showers are going to be light or even a mist, with only a few moderate episodes. However, the timing is unclear at this moment. For Friday, expect for light scattered showers to be the name of the game, with the heavier rain falling before or around lunchtime. Otherwise, mostly cloudy conditions are likely.

This loop makes it clear to see showers rotating around the system. (Pivotal Weather)

For those attending the parade, layer up! It is going to be in the low 50s at that time. The temperature at 1pm is expected to be around 56 degrees, and will fall during the rest of the afternoon. The winds at this time are not looking to be all that impactful. Total rainfall will be around 0.5 inches.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, it looks like we have the potential to see any lingering showers, which will be light and scattered, during the AM hours. Come afternoon and time for the Homecoming game and any PM soccer games, most of the precipitation should be moved out of the region. From here, expect the afternoon high to be in the upper 50’s with winds around 10mph making it a bit breezy with mostly cloudy skies.

It appears the gloom will magically disappear overnight and reveal partly sunny skies for your Halloween. The high will be in the mid 60s with dry conditions prevailing all through the evening hours.

The temperature looks to be in the mid-50s at the start of Trick-or-Treating. (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on Twitter, @wxornotBG for updates on the rain. Have a great day!