Even More Dangerous Heat & Scattered Storm Chances

Good Thursday Everyone! The past few days have been pretty brutal with the heat, and unfortunately, it isn’t going to be letting up quite yet.

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Let’s start off by addressing the elephant in the room, the blazing heat. I would love to tell you that highs are on the decline, but that would be just a wee bit of a lie. Unfortunately, I would expect highs to be well into the mid 90s.

Model Projected Highs for Today (Pivotal Weather)

While the mid 90s are a very high number, the feels like temps are even higher. When you switch over to that, you will see numbers well into the triple digits.

Model Projected HEat Inedexes (Pivotal Weather)

Humidity is also something to watch out for, dewpoints will be well into the 70s making for a very muggy day.

Dew Points for Today (Pivotal Weather)

Wondering where all this moisture and h0eumidity is coming from? Right now we have a flow of air about 5,000 feet up that that is coming from the moisture-rich Gulf of Mexico.

Flow of Wind & Moisture in the Air Above Us.

These winds help transport the moisture from the gulf and wherever the wind takes it. Thus, leading to uncomfortable amounts of humidity.

Switching gears, there is a small chance for the usual pop-up showers and storms throughout WABBLES. Given the dynamics, a much better chance exists east of us, However, a small chance does not mean 0% so keep that in mind.

Model Future Radar Today (Pivotal Weather)


Do you remember that graphic earlier about the winds 5,000 feet up in the air? Well, those winds across Indiana/Illinois will be a driver for strong to severe storms Thursday night into Friday as highlighted by the SPC.

Day 1 SPC Convective Outllook Highlighting Corridor of Upper Level Winds

The storms taking advantage of that wind will be the same storms that have the possibility of impacting us late morning. The kicker, however, is that as soon as the storms leave the support of those winds, they will start to fall apart.

Model Future Radar Tomorrow Morning (Pivotal Weather)

Oh but the storm chances dont end there! after the scattered morning convection moves through, a cold front will push through, reginiting storm chances.

Model Future Radar Friday Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

These storms will likely be in the form of a broken up cluster of storms that bring with them the low risk of severe gusty winds. This risk can be noted by the SPC in their outlook for the afternoon.

SPC Day 2 Convective Outlook


When talking about the weekend forecast, naturally we should start with Saturday. Saturday will feature the back end of that cold front leading highs to be in the mid-80s.

Model Highs for Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

This will lead to a hot day but not too bad compared to what we have been dealing with. Since we will be on the backside of the front, expect more rain chances throughout the day.

WPC Frontal Chart for Saturday

Turning to Sunday, expect very similar conditions to Saturday. You can expect highs in the mid-80s again with a few more chances for lingering showers.

Day 10 image not available
WPC Frontal Chart for Sunday

That is all for today folks! I hope y’all can stay safe out there with the extreme heat, make sure everyone is drinking plenty of water! I also strongly encourage you to come and visit us on our social media sites listed below.