Beware of Dangerous Heat

Good morning to you! If you have a pool, it may be necessary to use for the rest of this work week, as soaring heat indices sweep through our community. In today’s post, we will take a look at the heat that is to come as well as a cool down that we can look forward to for the weekend.

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Scorching Heat Indices

Today, we will have those pesky isolated chances for showers and storms in the forecast. Our main concern is not with these, though, it is with the heat and humidity that is to come. For today and tomorrow, temperatures will peak in the mid 90’s and humidity will be oppressive.

Projected dew points for today from 7am to 7pm (Pivotal Weather)

As of now, the entire community will be under a heat advisory both today and tomorrow as heat indices soar into the triple digits, potentially up to 109 degrees. If you plan to be outdoors for work or recreation, make sure to avoid strenuous activities and to have water on hand at all times. If possible, take frequent breaks in air-conditioned spaces.

Projected peak heat index for today at 1pm (Pivotal Weather)

Cool Down on the Horizon

For the end of the work week and into the weekend, the passage of a cold front will bring about a new, active pattern. Friday, we will have storms, but these will transition into only shower chances for the remainder of the weekend. These are not to become severe and they will only produce light amounts of precipitation.

Predicted surface map for Saturday at 7am (Weather Prediction Center)

Thanks to this, temperatures will be on the gradual decline, though oppressive humidity will stick around. For Friday, we will still have a high in the lower 90’s, but for Saturday, it’ll struggle to surpass the 90 degree mark. Finally, we will once again be in the upper 80’s by the time Sunday comes around.

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