Hot Weather in Store for Several Days to Come

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday morning to start off this weekend! We are about to see several days of hot weather, and I mean HOT weather. We may see heat indexes jump well over the 100 degree mark next week thanks to dew points in the 70s! Let’s dive into the details below.

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Heat is on the way to stay! (Giphy)


Today we are expecting to see a mostly dry, hot, hazy day. Highs will be around 92 degrees, so make sure you are taking extra precautions when outside. Heat indexes will reach near 100, so please keep that in mind. This is only the beginning of our hot stretch, so please try to work to complete outdoor activities in the early morning or evening hours if possible.

High temperatures for Sunday (Pivotal Weather)


Tomorrow, we basically take today, and pump up the rain chances! Rain chances on Sunday look to be around 50%, with pop-up showers and storms expected. At this time, no severe activity is expected. The main threat will continue to be the oppressive heat that has taken hold of Southern Kentucky. Highs will be around 94, but with nearby storms, temperatures may may feel like the low 100s. Once again, please use caution when outside.

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Pop-up storm chances will be scattered on Sunday (WPC)

The Week Ahead

In general, the week ahead has the same general theme in terms of heat. The whole week looks hot, with a few small storm chances sprinkled in. The days of highest concern right now appear to be Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday High Temperatures (Pivotal Weather)

With highs expected to be in the mid to upper 90’s, heat indices will be well into the 100’s. Dew points will be in mid 70’s, which is pretty brutal. If these trends continue, a heat advisory might be needed for our area. We have several days before we really get into the worst of it, so we’ll keep you updated. The whole week, though, looks to be hot and humid.

Thursday High Temperatures (Pivotal Weather)

That will do it for today, folks! Please remember the heat safety tips that we have talked about here today! Remember to check out the socials @wxornotbg. I’ll be back on Monday, providing another update on the brutal heat in store for the upcoming week. See you all then, my friends!