A Classic Summertime Weekend

Woohoo! Finally, the weekend has arrived, and with it is a forecast with summer written all over it. In short, we have a weekend full of sunshine, humidity, and high indices of heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. We won’t see chances of showers and storms return until the start of the new week.


Here Comes the Heat (and Humidity)

For this weekend, we will have high pressure fighting off precipitation chances for our community. Thus, we can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm, but the likelihood is low. If you don’t have any plans, we encourage for you to because it’ll be a summer stunner weekend!

Predicted surface map for today at 1pm (Pivotal Weather)

As far as temperatures go, we will have high’s reaching around 90 degrees and low’s lingering around 70 degrees. This, accompanied with oppressive humidity, will make it feel like high’s will reach the low to mid-90’s. So, take this as a reminder to stay hydrated!

Projected dew points for the entirety of this weekend (Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, the UV index will reach extremely high values for each day of the weekend. If you plan to spend time outdoors, make sure to have sunblock (SPF 15+) and protective clothing and accessories (sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat) on hand.

DayPeak UV IndexIdentifier
Saturday11Extremely High
Sunday11Extremely High
(Environmental Protection Agency)

Hit-or-Miss Showers

At the start of the upcoming week, chances of showers and storms associated with the disturbance to our northeast will reach our region. These will start up around the morning (~10 AM) and remain scattered until the evening. If you’re out and about, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an umbrella handy.

Projected precipitation for Monday from 10am to 10 pm (Pivotal Weather)

Our southwestern counties look to be the ones to receive the highest amounts of precipitation, to which at most will only be a tenth or two of an inch. On the other hand, parts of our northeastern counties may not even see a single raindrop. Regardless, don’t worry, because conditions will still be mostly sunny for the entire community!

Projected precipitation totals for the entirety of Monday (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more!