Summer-Like Heat to Return

Good morning folks! I hope you have been enjoying the mild and Spring-like temperatures the past few days. Unfortunately, the more oppressive heat looks to be making a return.

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Everyone’s reaction to more heat


In terms of the overall weather, everything should remain actually rather quiet. This quiet weather is brought to you to our good old friend, high pressure.

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WPC frontal Chart for Today

The main story for today, will be the return of the heat with highs today being in the upper 80s.

Model Projected Highs Today (Pivotal Weather)

Dew points today will be a bit musty, but overall not too bad for this time of the year. The mid 60s dew points will increase the feels like temperatures up a few degrees into the lower 90s.

Model Projected Dew Points (Pivotal Weather)


Friday will be much on the warmer side again with highs again in the mid 80s.

Model Projected Highs Friday (Pivotal Weather)

The actual weather for Friday will be a bit trickier to nail down than today. In the morning, there will be some rain chances, but the majority of it should stay around or north of the Ohio River.

Model Projected Future Radar Friday Morning (Pivotal Weather)

Some very isolated rain chances will remain into the afternoon, but the chances will be very low and not something I would really worry about. I would just be aware of the chances.


On Saturday, some lower end rain chances will remain in the forecast like Friday. As of right now, I would again not be too concerned about this right now.

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WPC Frontal Chart for Saturday

Temperatures on Saturday look to keep playing the now broken record of mid to upper 80s.

Model Projected Highs Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

On Sunday, rain chances will remain in the forecast, but on a higher threat level. The best chance for rain looks to be more so in the late evening into the overnight for right now.

Day 9 image not available
WPC Frontal Chart for Sunday

Temperatures are again playing that broken record of mid to upper 80s, which is slightly above average.

Model Projected Highs on Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

That will be all for this post today folks! I hope everyone can enjoy the warm up, but remain safe out there! I encourage you all to visit us on our social media pages below