Trend of Abundant Sunshine Kicks In

Good morning to you! We hope that you are doing well! If you aren’t, and need some cheering up, today’s post will do the trick! For, the rest of the work week will consist of plentiful sunshine and below average temperatures. Even better, we won’t see chances of precipitation until the weekend.

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Sunshine and Below Average Temperatures

For the remainder of the work week, we will have high pressure to thank for the continuation of a quiet trend. Therefore, we will have even more plentiful sunshine in store for us. As of now, we can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm on Friday, but will be disturbance-free for the time being.

Predicted surface map for today at 1pm (Weather Prediction Center)

With each remaining weekday, both temperatures and humidity will be on the rise. Although below average, our high’s will reach the lower to mid-80’s and humidity will become oppressive by the final weekday. If you plan to spend time outdoors then, make sure you stay hydrated.

Projected dew points for the entirety of Friday (Pivotal Weather)

Here Come the Pesky Showers

For the weekend, the story is not quite the same. With a disturbance expected to move through, we will have shower and storm chances return to the forecast. For each day, these will come around noon and remain scattered until nightfall.

Projected precipitation from Saturday at 7am to Sunday at 7pm (Pivotal Weather)

In contrast to the showers that we saw earlier this week, these are not expected to produce much precipitation at all. At most, we may have a total of an inch of rainfall produced by the end of the weekend. If anything, these will be more of a nuisance to weekend plans rather than a significant threat.

Projected precipitation totals for the weekend (Pivotal Weather)

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