Dry and Hot Pattern Grips WABBLES

Happy Saturday, WABBLES! It has been a beautiful week so far and the weekend is looking just as good. We really crank up the temperatures the next few days so get ready as a dry and hot pattern grips WABBLES.

This is a hint. (Giphy)
This is a hint at what is yet to come. (Giphy)

High pressure is centered right over the eastern U.S. this morning and it is not going any where quickly. High pressure causes sinking air so this means air has a tough time rising. This will limit an rain chances for the next several days and keep our air rather stagnant. Temperatures can heat up pretty quickly under this pattern.

Storm track pushed north by high pressure. (Pivotal Weather)

The storm track is also pushed north because the high acts as a huge wall. Temperatures today are going to surge into the upper 80s across the region. The good news is the dewpoints will be rather low, so the heat index should not be a huge factor. Sunny skies are expected through today.

Temperatures heating up across the region. (Pivotal Weather)

The rainfall forecast into next week shows the dome of high pressure keeping the rain out of the area. Sunday is expected to be almost a carbon copy of today with mostly sunny skies and temperatures at or near 90 degrees.

High pressure keeps the rain chances out. (Pivotal Weather)

Next Week

Dry weather is expected to persist into next week, but the question is how strong will this high pressure be? Is the high going stay put over the area or will it start to break down and move southeast. If the high does start to break down, we will see isolated rain chances return by Wednesday.

Storm track may come back south by the end of next week. (Pivotal Weather)

The ensemble model data wants to bring isolated shower and storm chances in here by Wednesday-Thursday. I am still a bit skeptical on how this will play out and we could stay dry through the majority of next week. Models have had a tough time handling these situations in the past.

Precip chances may increase late next week. (Weather Bell)

Temperatures trends over the next 7 days will be “HOT” The graph below might be over doing it a bit, but we will be well into the 80s and even some 90s for the foreseeable future. Again, our next rain chances will not come until the middle to end of next week. So enjoy the summer weather for the next several days!

Temperatures trends for the next 7 Days.

That will do it for today from wxornotbg. Have a great weekend and remember to follow us on our social media pages below.