Classic Late Spring Pattern Takes Over

Good morning, WABBLES! It is going to be another great start to the day with beautiful conditions across the area. The weather is about to get active across the region as a classic late spring pattern takes over. How does WABBLES fit in all of this? That is what we are going to find out.

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This coming weather pattern is…. (Giphy)


Right now we are looking pretty good with just a few high level cirrus clouds moving in from the west. Clouds will continue to increase through the day with overcast skies expected by late afternoon and into the evening.

Showers and thunderstorms are ongoing well to our west and this activity is moving our direction. The question is will it make all the way to western Kentucky? Well, it is going to struggle, looking at future radar below you can see that the activity falls apart as it moves into Kentucky.

Future radar for Saturday

A few isolated showers will be possible this evening, but most are expected to stay dry.

Amounts: 0-0.05″

Timing: After 5-6pm

It will be a nice day for the most part with temperatures warming well into 70s. Winds will remain light with gusts only 5-10mph. Winds will start to increase this evening to 10-15mph gusts.


A warm front is going drape across the region and be the focus for more shower and storm activity on Sunday. The question again is where does this boundary setup?

Warm front looks to setup just north of WABBLES on Sunday. (Pivotal Weather)

Right now it look like the front will be just to our north for most of the day Sunday. This will keep the bulk to the activity well to our north and many of us may stay dry on Sunday.

The bulk showers and storms stay just to our north on Sunday.

This will likely continue into the evening. We may see isolated showers or storms develop across our area tomorrow, but it will not be a washout by any means.

Amounts: 0 – 0.10″

Timing- Afternoon/Evening

A few peeks of sun will also be possible depending on how activity evolves tomorrow. Again, if you have outdoor plans tomorrow you probably don’t need to cancel them, but keep a watchful eye on the sky.

Temperatures will be well into the 70s Sunday afternoon.

Next Week

Next week is going to be a tough forecast for our area. The Gulf of Mexico is about to unleash a large surge of moisture into the Central U.S.. Again, how does Southern Kentucky sit in all of this?

Gulf of Mexico about to open up. (wx bell)

A large area of high pressure over the Southeast is going to be a big player in all of this. The clockwise flow around the high will be advecting moisture to the north. Depending on how strong this high pressure is will determine on how much rain we receive.

Stronger HighRain and storm chances go farther north, storm track is forced farther north.

Weaker HighRain and storm chances are allowed to dive farther south, wetter and more active for WABBLES.

Future radar above shows how sporadic and unorganized these rain chances will be next week. We will take it day by day as prior activity will have an affect on what will happen the next day. Next week will NOT be a wash out, but those classic late spring afternoon/evening storm chances will be possible.

The severe weather threat is low right now, but we will certainly keep an eye on it. Temperatures will be well into the 80s by the end of the week and it will feel humid with dewpoints well into the 60s. Spring is here and Summer is not that far ahead!

That does it for me today. Make sure you get out and enjoy today, my friends! As usual, you can check out the latest updates anytime 24/7 on our social media platforms @wxornotbg. Have a great day everyone!