More Rain & Storms Yet to Come

Good Thursday Morning people of WABBLES! I hope you all stayed at least somewhat dry yesterday with all of the rain. I unfortunately bring bad news by saying that more rain is yet to come.

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When will the rain end? (GIPHY)


We currently have Flash Flood Watches just to the north of WABBLES where the bulk of the rain is expected to set up. However, even though we are not under a watch, doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing some hefty rain totals.

Looking at current radar across the area, we have a large mass of rain and thunderstorms moving towards us. This is below severe limits for now, but that could change.

Current Radar

The SPC does have the entirety of WABBLES under a SLIGHT Risk (level 2/5) for severe weather today. The main threat for today will be that of damaging winds.

Severe Weather Outlook by the SPC

This risk is primarily driven by the chances of seeing some damaging wind gusts throughout the region this morning. The tornado threat, all though very low, is not 0 and will be watched. Tornadoes are not a substantial threat for today.

Timing this all out for you, we will take that mass of rain that is currently on radar and have it moving to the east northeast throughout the morning. Whether or not this holds together will be crucial.

Future Radar this Morning (Pivotal Weather)

This first round will have the potential for some strong to damaging winds but is not what is considered to be the “main event” for severe weather.

Rather, after this first bit of rain and storm moves out, there is some potential for redevelopment behind this all that could be packing a severe weather risk.

Future Radar this Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

The window for a legitimate threat for severe weather will be rather limited. The atmosphere will need a bit of time to destabilize after all of the rain this morning, which we will likely see to a very limited degree.

Once we start to get to around sunset late this evening, the threat for severe weather will diminish rapidly as our “fuel” for storms will be killed off.

With that being said, the main timeframe for some severe weather will be mid afternoon till just after sunset. Any severe storms will likely remain isolated and scattered this afternoon, so this will not be widespread.

Have a plan in place today in case a warning is issued for you and especially have more than one way to receive said warnings. Stay weather aware today!

Moving away from the severe weather, today will remain very muggy and humid in between bouts of rain with dew points remaining well into the 60s all day.

Dewpoints for Today (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatures today will stay in the upper 60s this morning and then topping out above 70 this afternoon.

Temperatures Throughout Today (Pivotal Weather)


Moving on to Friday, everything becomes much quieter! This will be thanks to a high pressure center over Missouri that will keep us dry for a bit.

Day 6 image not available
WPC Frontal Chart for Friday

This high pressure will also keep us rather clear throughout the day. When you combine this with highs in the lower 70s, Friday will be a very nice day to be outside.

Temperatures Throughout Friday (Pivotal Weather)

Wind gusts will also be a bit in the stronger side Friday with gusts over 20 mph likely, so keep keep that in mind!

Wind Gusts Throughout Friday (Pivotal Weather)


Saturday will be very similar to Friday as the high pressure previously mentioned will be working its way directly over us.

Day 8 image not available
WPC Frontal Chart for Saturday

Temperatures on Saturday will likely reach the upper 70s, to potentially 80 in isolated pockets. Combine this with the clear to mostly clear skies expected, Saturday looks to be a mighty fine day.

Winds look to plentiful yet again with gusts likely topping out between 10-15 mph.

Wind Gusts Throughout Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

That will be all for today folks! keep it tuned here for updates on the severe weather threat today. Be safe out there and do your best to enjoy the rainy/stormy day! I encourage you all to look us up on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @wxornotBG.