Don’t Put Away Coats Just Yet

Good Sunday Morning everyone! We have lots to talk about in this blog post, especially with some possible wintry mischief.

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I thought Winter was Supposed to be Over


In terms of weather today, not much will be going on. The main story will be the chance of scattered showers in the afternoon.

Future Radar This Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

While the radar this afternoon may look like this, it is very possible that not all of that rain will reach the ground! Completely sufficient moisture for these showers will likely be hard to come by, cutting down on a lot of the rainfall potential. With that being said, we will still likely see rain tomorrow, it will just be more limited and lighter than what it looks like on radar.

For those rain showers that can get going better than others, I would not be surprised to see some thunder and lightning accompanying them. Some gusty winds are certainly not off the table as well, but this should all be more isolated.

Potential Wind Gusts This Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

In terms of temperatures for today, we will get to see temps top 60 degrees leading to a rather nice day when it isn’t raining

Future Temps This Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)


Monday certainly doe not look very eventful in terms of weather. Rain shouldn’t be an issue throughout the day, but we will likely see some stubborn clouds.

Cloud Cover Throughout Monday (Pivotal Weather)

These clouds might burn off slightly as the day goes on, but I wouldn’t expect major clearing.

Temperatures will be slightly warmer than they will be with today with highs getting up into the mid 60s

Project Temps into Monday (Pivotal Weather)

Tuesday into Wednesday

So I have saved the best (not really) forecast for last! I would like to say that we are not responsible for what happens, this is all on Mother Nature.

Jokes aside, let’s dive into this. Tuesday during the day actually should be rather nice in terms of temperatures with highs getting into the upper 60s.

Projected Temps on Tuesday (Pivotal Weather)

Those rather nice temperatures will not be here to stay, unfortunately. As we go into the evening and night, we have a rather potent cold front that will make its way through the region.

Visualization of Cold Front Tuesday Night (Pivotal Weather)

This cold front will likely result in temperatures dipping very close to, if not below, freeing for a short time. This will make the risk for a hard freeze very possible and something to watch.

Throughout the day, there will be the chance for rain which is like icing on the cake. This will likely be in the form of a single wave of precipitation that will be just along the cold front.

Future Radar Tuesday into Wednesday (Pivotal Weather)

If that cold front moves in fast enough, which is very possible, we may see a bit of a wintry mix very late Tuesday/early Wednesday morning. Whether or not temperatures will be at, above, or below freezing will be crucial to determine any possible travel impacts from this.

As of right now, temperatures look to be more on our side and we should not see any real travel impacts from this. In fact, it will be very likely that very little to nothing will accumulate.

That is where everything with this system stands as of now, we will be monitoring this and update you when it becomes necessary.

With all that being said, I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and can stay Dry out there! I encourage you all to look us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @wxornotBG for the latest updates!