Sunny Skies Give Way to Showers Later This Week

Good Sunday morning, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed that beautiful first day of spring yesterday! A great way to ring in the new season. More beautiful, spring-like conditions are set for today as sunny skies give way to showers later this week.

Sunny Skies Give Way to Showers Later This Week
Yeah rain is back in the forecast…but beautiful weather is in store first! (Tenor)

Another Beautiful Day Today and Tomorrow

If you loved yesterday’s weather, then you’re in luck! Another ideal day is in store for today.

Sitting near New York City right now is a high pressure reading at about 1036 millibars, which is pretty strong. So strong, that its influence can be felt even here in Bowling Green! That’s what will keep those sunny skies around today.

Sunny Skies Give Way to Showers Later This Week
An outline of the large area of influence the high pressure is exerting right now! Sunny skies for a lot of people! (WPC)

High temperatures also look to return to a very comfortable state in the mid 60’s. Make sure you get outside! Clear skies will follow us into the overnight hours with lows cooling off into the low 40’s. Quiet and comfortable conditions return Monday to kick off the new week, this time with highs closer to 70°!

Showers Make A Comeback Tuesday

By Tuesday, that high pressure will have moved out to sea and a low pressure will approach from the west to replace it. This will also bring some showers to the area.

Right now it’s not looking like a lot of rain, and the odds aren’t super high, but there’s a chance nonetheless. Highs remain in the upper 60’s, on the bright side.

Sunny Skies Give Way to Showers Later This Week
A forecast loop of Wednesday into Thursday. Showers are very scattered Wednesday, but become more widespread Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)

Wednesday looks like it’ll be more cloudy than anything. The best chance for showers looks to come on Thursday as a cold front is forecasted to swing through.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Enjoy this beautiful day!