A Few More Days of Sunshine Before Rain Returns

Good morning, everyone! Didn’t yesterday’s weather make “Monday” feel so much easier this week? Don’t fret, we will see a few more days of sunshine before rain returns to the forecast to end the week.

Low-pressures out west to bring us rain later in the week. (wpc)

Tuesday’s Outlook

Today, we will see a bit more cloud cover, but also get our daily dose of sunshine in like we have been seeing around WABBLES lately. In fact, as the sunny streak has an end on the horizon, temperatures will finally break 70 degrees. Today we very well could, with temperatures forecast to be in the high 60s, but tomorrow most communities will definitely surpass 70.

The day will be quite pleasant overall. The wind will be light, but will be noticeable enough to blow a napkin away if you are enjoying a meal outside.

wind GIF by Julian Glander
Actual footage of the wind…jk. (giphy.com)

Overnight, the temperature will drop to the mid 40s under clear conditions.

Clouds Roll In Wednesday

On Wednesday, the clouds will thicken and you will be able to sense the rain approaching. The cloud cover is thanks to a large low pressure system out west. Despite the clouds, temperatures will make it to the low 70s making it appropriate for shorts and t-shirt weather. This is about 13 degrees above average for this time of year!

Most of the eastern and southeastern US enjoying temperatures in upper 60s and 70s. (Pivotal Weather)

Wednesday night skies will be mostly cloudy with a mild low in the mid 50s.

Thursday and Beyond

Come Thursday afternoon is when we will really begin to see a change in pace of the weather around here. Rain comes knocking back on the door, with precipitation chances everyday at least through the the weekend. By the conclusion of Sunday, we will have accumulated around 1-2 inches.

By Saturday evening, the GFS totals Warren County at 1 inch. (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for this morning. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on Twitter, @wxornotBG, and also on Facebook and Instagram for all your weather needs.