Rain, Rain, & More Rain

Good Saturday Morning WABBLES! I hope you have all had a great week so far, we have lot’s to talk about for weather this weekend. If I had to sum up what to expect this weekend, I would simply say rain, rain , and more rain.

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Before we take a dive in the forecast, it is important to remember that all of WABLLES is under a Flash Flood Watch. This is in effect until Monday morning, so keep an eye out for flooded roadways especially.


Today will be the beginning of the heavy rain event that will be present all the way as we go into Monday. Overall this will be coming in multiple waves throughout the weekend.

3km Nam Future Radar (Pivotal Weather)

The bulk of the rain this morning and afternoon will be fairly scattered. It is when we get into the evening and overnight hours when we see the first batch of heavier rain move in with a bit of warmer air.

The data has been wanting to develop this rain a bit to the west and gradually fill in eastward as it moves to the north, so this could be more of a concern for our western counties.

Future Radar at 9pm (Pivotal Weather)

With that first batch of rain, I also would not be shocked for people to hear a few rumbles of thunder with it. As for highs for today, look for them to be in the mid 50s during the day, with them reaching up to 60 overnight.

Projected Temps in the afternoon and overnight (Pivotal Weather)


Sunday will start off with some heavy rain off to the west in what could look like a weak squall line with some embedded lightning. High Temps for Sunday will also be in the lower to mid 60s.

Future Radar at 9am (Pivotal Weather)

It could be worth noting that the Storm Prediction Center has a Marginal (Level 1/5) risk just to the southwest in TN. There will be some instability present in our area, but this will be quite weak and likely fuel heavier rains than severe storms for us.

SPC Day 2 Severe Weather Outlook

With that being said, there are some decently strong winds aloft, so some isolated gusty winds could be possible throughout the day with some thunder. This is nothing to worry about though.

As that line of rain moves eastward throughout the late morning, more rain will steadily fill in along the backside and continue to drop rain, sometimes heavy, throughout the rest of the day and until very early Monday Morning.

Future Radar (Pivotal Weather)

At the end of this event, I would expect to see rain totals for our area in the 2.5″-3″ range with pockets of larger totals scattered around the state.

NWS Model Projected Rainfall (Pivotal Weather)

Next Week

Looking ahead to the rest of Monday and into Tuesday, it looks like High pressure will move in after the rain moves out and let some nicer conditions with some mild temps.

Day 8 image not available
WPC Frontal Chart for Monday

That is all for today folks! Thank you for reading, and try to stay as dry as you can this weekend, stay inside and enjoy the weekend. I encourage you all to go and visit us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter &wxornotBG.