Falling Temperatures Today Give Way to Snow Showers Tonight

Good morning, everyone! I hope you had splendid Saturday and are ready to welcome in the final day of January. While the day will be mainly dry, falling temperatures today give way to snow showers tonight as we welcome in the month of February.

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Yay for more snow, right! (giphy.com)

Cloudy, but Dominantly Dry Today

As you wake up this morning, a lingering rain shower or two could still be out there and we see this chance for sprinkles hang around all day. However, I would bet most of us stay mainly under mostly cloudy conditions.

Also, an interesting fact for your morning is that you will feel the high temperature as you head out to morning service or go to the grocery. We will hit our high of about 51 degrees at 9AM this morning. After this, be sure to bring a coat with you wherever you go because temperatures will be plummeting throughout the day.

South-Central Kentucky reaches its high for the day at 51 degrees in the morning time hours before giving way to plummeting temperatures. (Pivotal Weather)

On top of this, we have a cold front passage moving through this morning as well. When the front is through, expect it to have an effect of a windy day on the WABBLES region. Sustained winds will be around 13-15mph and gusts will be in the mid 20s throughout the day.

Max wind gust at 24 mph over the next 24 hours. (Pivotal Weather)

Snow Overnight

As I mentioned earlier, the temperatures will plummet nearly 20 degrees throughout the day today bringing us down to a low of 30 overnight. Normally, this wouldn’t be significant. However, we have one more round of precipitation moving through overnight produced by this large system.

Because our temperatures will be below freezing, that’s right, you can expect it to fall in the form of snow! The snow will begin falling around midnight and will begin as pretty widespread across WABBLES. On and off snow showers will continue to fall through the early morning hours on Monday before giving way to mostly cloudy skies.

Progression of snow showers overnight and into tomorrow according to the NAM. (Pivotal Weather)

Snow accumulation is looking to be around 1-2 inches and will likely cause traffic problems during the Monday morning commute with slick roads as the snow will be sticking by then. The wind will also be a factor causing low visibilities if there is still any snow falling in the morning hours.

That is all for today! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our weather feeds on Facebook and Twitter, @wxornotBG. Have a great week!