A Not-So-Seasonal Mid-Week Trend

Good morning to you! For today and tomorrow, say hello to minimal cloud coverage, calm winds, and…oppressive humidity? That’s right, folks. We promise that we have transitioned out of summer, but we understand why you may have your doubts.

What season is it again? (Giphy)

Stationary Front Has Its Pros and Cons

This morning, a cold front will be approaching our state from the northwest. Because of this, we can’t rule out the chance for a stray shower this morning for our area. If this does occur, it will be brief with only a trace amount of rainfall produced.

By the afternoon, the front will turn stationary over the Ohio River. Any chances for precipitation will remain along this frontal boundary for the rest of the day. Therefore, fair weather has made its return in our forecast!

Projected surface map for 1pm (Weather Prediction Center)

On the downside, this stationary front will serve as a cutoff for the comfortable air to our north. That means that oppressive humidity will be present throughout the day to serve as a not-so-friendly reminder of the season that we recently transitioned out of.

Projected dew point from 1pm-12am (Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, the minimal clouds that we will see this morning will clear out by noon, making for sunny skies for the rest of the day. With temperatures having the potential to surpass the 80 degree mark, we encourage you to remember to stay hydrated if you plan on spending any time outdoors.

The Same Goes for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the stationary front will move northeast, allowing for high pressure in the Midwest to dominate the forecast once more. Like today, the humidity will be noticeable, but not as oppressive. Thankfully so, considering the high and low will be a smidge warmer!

Projected temperature for tomorrow from 10am-7pm (Pivotal Weather)

That’ll do it for today! Thank you for reading! We hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday! For more information, follow us @wxornotBG on our other social platforms.

Weather 10/21/2020

Sunshine combines with southerly winds today & Thursday, taking highs to ~80˚. Active pattern returns Friday into the weekend.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, October 21, 2020