Beta Disrupts Pleasant Autumn Flow

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to our page. We had a picturesque first day of the new season, but it was short-lived because of post-tropical storm Beta. Her path will disrupt the pleasant flow we’ve had so far this week, and will continue to for the following weekdays.

Thanks a lot, Beta…(Giphy)

A Gloomy Day Ahead

For those of you that are up early for a work shift, be careful when on the roads. There’s a possibility that patchy fog will be present around our area. As always, this threat will be no more as the morning progresses.

Today, and for the rest of the work week, the remnants of tropical storm Beta will determine our forecast. Now a post-tropical cyclone, Beta is nosing her way onto the coast and plans to make her towards us. Her presence interferes with the sister high pressures that have brought us a trend of pleasantness so far this week.

A look at the predicted surface for 1pm today
(Weather Prediction Center)

Fortunately, all that we will have to worry about today are showers. These will lack in severity but chances for pop-up’s will remain throughout most of the day. We won’t catch a break from these until the weekend.

We remain on the cusp for precipitation for the entirety of today, according to this model
(HRRR model, Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, today will be rather gloomy with mostly cloudy skies. We won’t see a high of anything over the mid-70’s, nor a low below the mid-60’s. There will be little to no breeze today, though it may be relevant to wear a jacket when out and about.

Repeat for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we will have a forecast that is almost identical to that of today, with the exception of increased shower chances. There won’t be much variation in temperature or cloud coverage. This will be from the continued presence of a trough extending from the weakening low pressure system that was once tropical storm Beta.

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Weather 9/23/20

Clouds thicken up with a few showers possibly making an appearance; remnants of Beta arrive Thursday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, September 23, 2020