Calm Weather for Labor Day Weekend

Happy Friday, WABBLES! We have made it to the end of the week which means it’s almost the weekend. After a wet week across the area, we are about to get a much-needed break with calm weather for Labor Day weekend.

Awesome sunset last night across WABBLES.

2020 so far…

Anytime there is a mention of 2020 something good doesn’t follow. Well, that is not the case here. Lets take a quick look at how the weather has been in Bowling Green, KY so far this year.

The numbers that stick out are how wet have been so far this year and it is only September 4th. The Fall season can have some big rainmakers so we could significantly add to this total before the end of the year.

Cold Front Moving In

We have a cold front draped across the region that is quickly approaching. While we won’t see a dramatic drop in temperature, you will notice a dramatic drop in the humidity later today.


This cold front is on the move and will slide through this afternoon. You will feel it as the humidity will plummet from where it is this morning. Dew points in the 70s will quickly drop to the low 60s and upper 50s.

Cold front on approach (Pivotal Weather)

There is a slight chance for an isolated shower to pop-up as this cold front is moving through, but that should remain brief and a nuisance. Clouds will be present as the front moves in with even some fog through the morning hours.

You can see fog developing where we see the yellows on this satellite product. (COD)

This doesn’t look widespread and dense, but a few areas are seeing some fog this morning.

Dry and Calm Weekend

The weekend is continuing to look great with low humidity and temperatures in the mid to low 80s. This will be perfect for about any outdoor activity you may have planned.

Temperatures Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatures will have tough time reaching the 80 degree mark for our Saturday. Low humidity along with mostly sunny skies will make a perfect day across the region.

Low Dewpoints continue into Sunday. (Pivotal Weather)

The low humidity will continue through the weekend with dewpoints staying in the low 60s/upper 50s. It really is going to be a gorgeous weekend. Get out and enjoy it!

Excited for another day of dry weather! (Giphy)
Excited for dry weather! (Giphy)

Dewpoints will slowly creep back up as we head into Labor Day. Temperatures in the mid-80s and a bit more humidity will be with us Monday. Dry conditions do look to persist as we close out the Holiday weekend.

Next Week

A very interesting setup is in the works for next week across the country. A large upper level low looks to set-up across the central U.S. sometime mid-week.

How this will impact our weather will be determined by the location and strength of the system. One thing is for certain is that we will likely see rain chances ramp back up by mid-week.

That wraps things up for your Friday addition of wxornotBG’S daily blog! Enjoy the beautiful weather in store for the upcoming weekend, and remember to always wear proper sun protection, regardless of temperature. Follow us: (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) @wxornotBG!

Weather 9/4/20

Celebration time! A passing cold front brings decreasing clouds, falling humidity today; an immaculate Labor Day weekend follows!

Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, September 4, 2020