A Brief Stormy and Sultry Trend

Good morning to you! Welcome back to our page. For both today and tomorrow, shower and storm chances will dominate the forecast, bringing about the opportunity for localized flash flooding. Furthermore, an unbearable amount of moisture in the air will accompany these conditions.

How we feel about September starting out this way… (Giphy)

Cold Front Turns Stationary

If you’ll be on the road at any point throughout the early hours of the morning, we encourage for you to be cautious. There’s a chance that there will be a fair amount of fog around our area from the dew point and temperature having similar values, paired with little to no wind. As always, this will remain a threat for the morning only.

Today, a cold front approaching from the northwest will make for high shower and storm chances. As early as 1pm, we may begin to see some pop-up’s enter our area. However, these will become less spotty and more widespread around evening time as the cold front turns stationary, continuing to be so into tomorrow.

The surface map analysis, valid for 1pm (Weather Prediction Center)

For the most part, the threat for severity will remain fairly low. We can’t rule out the chance for brief periods of heavy rainfall or localized wind gusts, though, as these have the capability of producing both. These threats will stay true for those that we’ll see tomorrow, too.

Today’s projected showers and storms that start out spotty, but become widespread, as shown by the HRRR model (Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, temperatures will reach the upper 80’s by this afternoon and dip to the lower 70’s by nightfall. For most of the day, there will be a gentle breeze paired with mostly cloudy skies. That oppressive humidity will remain in our forecast, though, so don’t rely on the breeze to cool you down if you plan on being outdoors. Stay hydrated!

Beware of Excessive Rainfall

So far today, the Weather Prediction Center has WABBLES, along with most of the state, under a slight risk for excessive rainfall. Therefore, scattered localized flash floods and isolated significant flooding are possible. Be most cautious of urban areas, roads, and small streams, as these are more prone to flooding with today’s conditions.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a similar forecast, with wet and unbearably humid conditions. We can blame the cold-front-turned-stationary for this. Fortunately, as of now, we can expect for the risk for excessive rainfall to not be as high in comparison today.

That’s all for today! We hope you make it a great one. For more, follow us on our other platforms (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram).

Weather 9/2/20

Showers & strong storms remain in the forecast today into Thursday; passing cold front Friday brings sweet relief for Labor Day weekend.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, September 2, 2020