Strong Storms Possible This Afternoon

Good morning, South-Central Kentucky! Hopefully the kids are almost out of ~virtual school~, if they’re not already, and everyone is gearing up for summer! Unfortunately, temperatures will drop from the current mid 80s at the top of this week making if feel like spring again. For now though, expect strong storms possible this afternoon.

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Storms Later Today

WABBLES has been out ahead of a slow moving low pressure system that is located northwest of us for a few days now. Today, though, the progression of the system will bring a change in our recent weather pattern. A cold front will set its eyes on the region and out ahead of it will be the likelihood of storm cells to form.


However, do not expect the whole day to be a washout. The region will stay dry under mostly cloudy skies until about lunchtime. Although I said temperatures would drop to start the week, that statement does not apply to today! We should top out right around 87 degrees.

The HRRR shows Bowling Green reaching 87 degrees by about mid-afternoon. (Pivotal Weather)

After lunchtime, expect shower and storm activity to ramp up. Some of these storms could be strong to severe with the possibility of small hail and strong wind gusts. The instability factor is still in question and that will depend on how little or much the sun decides to peak out.

Clouds begin to break around lunchtime. (Pivotal Weather)

The storms will continue into the overnight so make sure you have a way to receive weather alerts while you’re asleep should the occasion arise. The low temperature for the night will be around 61 degrees. In terms of total precipitation, I’m thinking most areas will see around 0.5 to 0.75 inches of rain.

Scattered storms moving through around midnight. (Pivotal Weather)

Monday…and Tuesday…..and Wednesday

Beginning to the middle of the work week, from Monday to Wednesday, the forecasts look to be pretty similar to one another. The cut-off low pressure system will bring back spring-like temperatures to the region. Each day, we will either top out in the low 70s or upper 60s. Accompanied by these cooler temperatures will be partly to cloudy skies with the possibility to see a shower here and there. The grass can still be cut if need be.

The center of the cut-off center positioned over western KY. (Pivotal Weather)

That’s it for today! Be sure to follow our live twitter feed @wxornotBG for all your real-time weather updates. Have a great week!