Strong Finish to the Weekend Before Rain Returns

Good morning! I hope everyone remembered to “spring forward” the clocks overnight and that no one is too tired from that lost hour of sleep. Changing the clocks is always one of the first promising signs that spring is right around the corner. Today will indeed feel like spring as we set out for a strong finish to the weekend before rain returns.


Sunny Sunday

We’re waking up to temperatures in the low 30s this morning, but don’t let that deceive you. WABBLES will actually warmup quite a bit today, with temperatures right around 60 degrees for the high. The high pressure system that has been slowly making its away across the region this weekend will stick around for one more day bringing us those beautiful sunny sky conditions. However, right behind it is a cold front that will deliver us rainy conditions to start the week.

The high pressure system is centered over the Carolinas but will bring is fair weather today (wpc)

As a result of this cold front setting its eyes on the region, we will see breezy conditions tomorrow with some gusts as high as 25 mph. Overnight, we will remain clear, and the low will dip to about 43 degrees.

Clouds Increase Monday, Rain Follows

Those sunny skies of the weekend are no more. As the cold front approaches, WABBLES will see a blanket of clouds dominate the sky on Monday. Again, it will be very breezy with gusts around 30-35mph. The rain is looking to hold off until late Monday night/early Tuesday morning so travel and the flow of the day will not be impacted. The high on Monday will reach around 63 degrees.

The rain moving through around midnight (pivotal weather)

Monday night, expect showers and maybe a few rumbles of thunder (nothing like last week’s event), and the low to drop to about 55 degrees.

Gloomy Tuesday

Light showers will likely stick around for Tuesday morning. When the system moves out, we will have received a half inch of rain or less. By the afternoon, I’m thinking the rain will move out but the clouds will not making for a gloomy day. The high will reach a very mild 66 degrees. Into the overnight, expect those clouds to persist. The low will drop to 48 degrees.

Clouds dominating the sky around 1pm Tuesday. (Pivotal Weather)

More Rain on Wednesday?

While WABBLES will get a break from the rain Tuesday afternoon and night, On Wednesday there will be a quick moving system come through which could bring a few more showers. Expect the temperatures to remain in the mid 60s.

I think that’s it for today! Follow our live Twitter feed @wxornotBG for all things weather.