Mild and Windy Day Followed by a Strong Cold Front

Top of the morning, everyone and happy Sunday! So glad you could make it. Yesterday made for a beautiful Saturday with sunny skies and satisfactory temperatures for this time of the year. Our next low pressure system is making its way into the WABBLES region which means for us a mild and windy day followed by a strong cold front.

Breaking it Down


Whether you’re heading out for church this morning or running some weekly errands this afternoon, you’ll be needing to hang on to your hat. Winds will be out of the South between 10-15 mph with gusts up to to 31 mph.

A large swath of clouds has settled into the region ahead of the cold front and I hope you said goodbye to the sun on Saturday because, unfortunately, we won’t be seeing much until mid-week. With the clouds brings warmer, more moist conditions setting up some precipitation events in the coming days.

Gusts could reach 31 mph at 11 am (COD)

Despite the cloud cover, we will stay mainly dry today with just a slight chance of those pesky sprinkles here and there. Rain, however, is very likely as we head into the overnight hours. Temperatures look to peak around 57 degrees for the day with lows in the night around 51 degrees.

Starting the Work Week

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your Monday looks to be pretty dreary. Although temperatures will be mild with a high near 62 degrees, skies will be mostly cloudy with rain likely especially in the morning. It’s looking like we will catch a break late afternoon into the evening and widespread rain will return for the night time hours. The wind from Sunday will also stick around. Readings will again be in the range of about 10-15mph but we could very well see gusts as high 34 mph.

The NAM shows possible rain showers for the morning commute. (Pivotal Weather)

Plummeting Temperatures

Monday night into Tuesday, WABBLES will see temperatures absolutely plummet.

In case you didn’t believe me… (

At 1 am, temperatures will be near 53 degrees and by 6 am they will be a whopping 36 degrees. Tis the season, am I right. This temperature change marks the highly anticipated arrival of the cold front. Behind the system is a mass of arctic air looking to sit on top of the region and it, of course, will. Temperatures will stay around the freezing mark for the day and reach 26 degrees for the overnight low.

The boundary of the cold front is made clear by the warmer temperatures out in front of it and cooler temperatures behind it. Bowling Green is at 56 right before the front arrives. (Pivotal Weather)

The rain sticks around for Tuesday and with temperatures so close to that freezing mark, it wouldn’t be shocking to see a few snowflakes mixed in. With this being said, we are dealing with some tricky weather here. It’s too hard to say if the precipitation will turn to snow or if it will stay as rain but for now, confidence remains low for a winter weather event. Stay tuned and we will definitely keep an eye out. Regardless of rain or snow, models show that by around the evening hours Tuesday, the system will have moved out of the region.

Finally Sunshine

Sticking around for your Wednesday are those frigid temperatures with highs reaching about 37 degrees as a result of the arctic high pressure following the passage of the cold front. Sunny skies also look to return.

Alright, folks, that’s all for today! Follow our live feed @wxornotbg to stay up to date for the potential winter weather event on Tuesday. Have a fantastic week!