September’s Coming In Hot

Good morning, folks and happy Saturday!!

Nothing but smiles, it’s the weekend!! (Tenor Gifs)

We’re going to have another warm one today to start off your Labor Day weekend, but the heat doesn’t stop there as we start off the month of September on the warm side.

Getting sick of this heat, where is Fall? (Tenor Gifs)

On the bright side of things, calm and clear conditions will be accompanying the warmer temperatures during your Labor Day weekend.


For the early goers waking up this morning, you might experience some light fog especially around the river valleys and lower-lying areas. Any fog out there will lift shortly after sunrise and give way to clear skies and abundant sunshine. High pressure at the surface will remain dominant giving the area mostly sunshine throughout the day with the exception of a few clouds during the afternoon. High temperatures will rise into the lower 90s.

High temperatures across the Bluegrass today! (NWS)


CTRL + C (copy today’s forecast) and CTRL + V (paste today’s forecast for Sunday). Heading into Sunday, the first day of September, the forecast calls for another sunny and warm day.

When the calendar flips to September! (Tenor Gifs)

Skies overhead will remain clear for the most part with temperatures rising into the lower 90s once again.

Monday “Labor Day”

Folks, I hope you didn’t close up your pools for the year, especially after experiencing cooler temperatures earlier this week. The forecast calls for warm conditions once again with temperatures across the area in the lower 90s with sunny skies. I sure hope this isn’t the theme for the whole month of September!

What myself and all Minnesotans would say about this heat, UFFDA!! (Ingebretsen’s Nordic Marketplace)

A Look Ahead

High pressure continues to dominate for the first half of the week, keeping the skies clear and the temperatures hot. Things look to cool down for the second half of next week, but conditions will remain clear with no chances of rain in sight.

That wraps up your Saturday wxornotBG forecast, thanks for tuning in and I hope you all have a great day and a great Labor Day weekend! Make sure you look for further updates on our live weather feed @wxornotbg!