The Rain is Back Before a Beautiful Weekend

That all too familiar sight and sound is back: rain. Pitter-pattering on the window you’re looking out of, to see gray skies overhead and puddles forming on the ground. A quick-hitting system is impacting us today but will leave us with dry skies for the first weekend of the year. In short? The rain is back before a beautiful weekend.

A Friday to Forget

We’ve gotten a touch milder heading into today, but unfortunately, that’s coming at the cost of a rainy day.

This morning's prog chart. (WPC)
This morning’s prog chart. (WPC)

Low pressure is in the neighborhood and that means those rain chances are back for today. The low pressure will move to the north and east and we’ll be on it’s northern side…say hello to the rain shield.

Must we really say hello? (Pivotal Weather)
Must we really say hello? (Pivotal Weather)

These rain chances will be highest during the morning hours but will stick with us all day. Keep the umbrella within arm’s reach.

Bunny rabbit on the end of the handle...permissible but optional. (Giphy)
Bunny rabbit on the end of the handle…permissible but optional. (Giphy)

After a high near 55º, rain chances should begin to dwindle later in the evening, with clearing skies working in overnight. This should bring lows down to about 35º.

Sunshine BACK

Sunshine, you say? (Giphy)
Sunshine, you say? (Giphy)

Low pressure will be moving away and dryer weather will begin working in. The good thing is, the same basic airmass is in place, which means we won’t cool down after the rain.

Even Dr. Grant's shocked...which is impressive considering dude's seen living dinosaurs. (Giphy)
Even Dr. Grant’s shocked…which is impressive considering dude’s seen living dinosaurs. (Giphy)

Any lingering cloud cover will vanish through the day and allow us to warm up to near 55º once again for a high. We’ll cool quickly at night under mostly cloudy skies, but back to 35º once again.

Warmer Weather Sets Up for Sunday

Yes, I said warmer.

I feel vaguely like listening to Bluegrass music now. Not sure why. (Giphy)
I feel vaguely like listening to Bluegrass music now. Not sure why. (Giphy)

Sunday will be spent awaiting the arrival of our next shower-maker to start the new week. Winds will shift out of the southwest, giving us a high near 60º with those constant mostly sunny skies.

You can even see it setting up on Saturday evening's prog chart. (WPC)
You can even see it setting up on Saturday evening’s prog chart. (WPC)

Clouds will be on the increase however, especially later in the day. Lows at night only fall to about 47º with the increased cloud cover that, you guessed it, means more rain chances by Monday.

Take it away, Everett. (Giphy)
Take it away, Everett. (Giphy)

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest forecast and updates. Have a terrific Friday!