South Bracing For Significant Winter Storm

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV or social media outlet the past few weeks, you’ll recall a round of ice & snow that impacted portions of the deep south.

Well, a more potent weather maker is currently laying the foundation for major impacts come tomorrow, with ice accumulations of 1-2″, and snow amounts of 4-8+” for a lot of the same areas.  If this forecast comes to fruition, major hazards are expected to unfold.  Have a look at this graphic posted by the US National Weather Service Southern Region Headquarters:


Travel will become virtually impossible across certain areas, with widespread power outages also anticipated.  As if that wasn’t enough, many trees are expected to be lost as well.  If you have friends or family in these locations, please make sure they are aware of this evolving weather situation, which will last through Thursday.

Some people have already received copious amounts of the white stuff, while others are preparing and attempting to warm others ahead of time.  Hopefully everyone come out of this unscathed, but it’s not looking likely.  Here’s a few examples of the events already starting to unfold, with others preparing for the inevitable: